7 Facts About Refrigerated Cargo Shipping

Singapore is an island and also a sovereign city-state situated in the Southeast part of Asia. For those interested in shipping to Singapore, the Port of Singapore is a major shipping hub.

As one of the busiest ports in the world, the 중국배대지 Port of Singapore typically has around 1,000 shipping vessels with a ship arriving or departing every couple of minutes. For those interested in cargo shipping to or from Singapore, the Port of Singapore is conveniently connected to over 600 shipping ports in more than 120 countries.

Cargo Shipping to Singapore

If you are interested in shipping used household goods and personal effects to Singapore, there is some paperwork you will need to have in order. The rules vary depending on whether or not you are a citizen of Singapore. If you are not a citizen of Singapore, but you would like to ship cargo to the country, you will need the following documentation:


  1. Inventory
  2. Passport
  3. Work Permit, also known as an Employment Pass, valid for at least 12 months


If the goods you are shipping to Singapore are used household items and personal effects which you have owned previously and intend to use in Singapore, you will qualify for a waiver of certain taxes. In order to have GST waived, you must plan to remain in Singapore for at least one year.

As noted above, you need to have a Work Permit valid for at least one year in Singapore. If you do not have this at the time your cargo enters customs, you can also provide an application for this permit and acknowledgement from the Immigration Department. It is also advisable to provide a company letter of sponsorship.

If you are a citizen of Singapore and you are interested in shipping cargo to the country, it is important that you have your original passport. It is also important that you have been out of You will have certain fees waived if the items you are shipping to Singapore have been in your possession abroad and are for continued use once imported.

For foreign diplomats interested in shipping goods to Singapore, it is advisable that you have a detailed shipping inventory. You should also have a verification from the Embassy.

Regardless of status, keep in mind that if you are shipping antiques, works of art, or other goods estimated to be more than a century old, you should have a detailed inventory list, invoice, and certificate of age for your items.

Fees Associated with Cargo Shipping to Singapore

If you are shipping cargo to Singapore, you may be required to pay certain Goods & Services taxes or GST. These are typically required on certain items including new appliances and electronics.

Restricted and Prohibited Items when Shipping to Singapore

If you are shipping to Singapore, keep in mind that some items are restricted or prohibited from entering the country. Restricted items include the following: