How to Use Instagram to Sell Products and

Create Polls

You may have heard of Instagram, but are you familiar with the features it offers? Did you know that you can purchase products on Instagram? Or that you can comment on photos? Read on to learn more about the features Instagram offers users. In addition to the usual post and photo sharing, Instagram also allows users to create polls and purchase products. But did you know that you can anonymously report concerns? Well, you can now do both. Here’s how.

Users can comment on posts

When you’re posting to Instagram, you may have noticed that other users can comment on your post. But if you don’t want those comments to affect your reputation, you can limit how many people can comment on your posts. To limit how many people can comment on your posts, select the option that says “Only my followers can comment.” If you don’t want people to comment on your posts, click “Unfollow.” You can also unfollow people who do not follow you.

If you don’t want people to comment on your posts, you can also block them. Blocking comments can be especially helpful if you want to protect yourself from trolls, since you won’t be able to see their comments. The new option was part of an update released today for Instagram, which also contains several other improvements and bug fixes. As an added bonus, you can now report inappropriate comments. The comments feature is part of the Instagram app’s ongoing efforts to make the platform friendlier to users.

Users can edit photos

Unlike other photo-sharing apps, Instagram allows users to edit photos before they post them. The default view of photos is “All Photos,” but you can also choose to view photos from a specific album. By default, photos on Instagram will be cropped as squares. To adjust the width of a photo, click on the arrows on either side of it. You can also choose to make a photo wider or narrower.

In addition to the built-in editing tools, you can also use third-party apps to enhance your images. These apps are unique and feature a wide variety of features, such as collages, text overlays, face touch-ups, and vintage themes. Some even have more advanced functions than the free versions of Instagram. Once you’ve found a photo editing app that you love, you can download and use it on all of your devices.

Users can create polls

Whether it’s a fashion brand asking their audience if they think it’s okay to wear white after Labor Day or a celebrity making an appearance, Instagram has plenty of features for polls. Polls only last 24 hours and you can even use Story to extend their life. You can also include poll stickers within your Story to encourage users to vote. However, polls must be clear and concise to gain the attention of your audience.

In order to create an Instagram poll, you need to have a picture, a poll sticker, and a question. You can then post the photo to your story. Once your poll is live, your followers can answer the question by tapping “Yes” or “No.” Once the poll has been created, you can resize and reposition it. To share the poll on your story, tap “Your Story” and select “Send To” to add a link to the poll.

Users can purchase products on instagram

Instagram is getting ready to make its first foray into e-commerce with the launch of shoppable posts. These posts allow businesses to tag products within their posts. The explainer video demonstrates the process. After clicking a product’s ‘buy’ button, consumers can view the product’s details, complete the transaction on a separate landing page, and even pay for the purchase. With the recent addition of a checkout button, Instagram is aiming to compete with video-sharing platforms such as TikTok.

A new feature allows Instagram users to tag products in their IG posts, so they can buy them from the same account they follow. It’s a great way to keep users interested in your brand, as 1.6 million users tag brands each week. By allowing users to tag products in IG posts, more people can find them, and purchase them. Users can also view tagged content in their feed.

They can also toggle on or off ‘tags’ to customize the way they see tagged content.