Why Choose a Korea Translation Agency?

There are many benefits of choosing a korea translation agency. One of these is the ability to customize the services to match your company’s specific needs. In addition, you’ll be able to benefit from dedicated translation teams that can tackle a variety of translation tasks, including Korean legal translation, technical translation, and more. Each translation team is controlled by a highly experienced project manager who knows your company’s needs and goals.


While a Korean translation agency is a vital component of your marketing strategy, you should also check the turnaround time for the finished product. Gengo specializes in fast turnaround of short translation orders, but is also willing to take longer translation projects if you need them.

Turnaround times are estimates and can be changed at any time during the translation process. To avoid a delay, customers can access their translated content directly from their 3Play Media account.

In order to become a top performer in the Gengo program, you must maintain a score of 7 or higher. You can also get paid in accordance with your level of performance. Gengo offers different levels of payment: proofread, pro, and standard. The number of languages you can translate varies depending on the level of service you choose. If you need help translating documents from Korean to Japanese or Chinese, Gengo is a great option.


If you need to translate documents between different languages, you should contact Pangeanic. They specialize in translating a variety of documents, including birth certificates, company contracts, university degrees, and patents. Pangeanic’s team of professionals will ensure that your documents are translated correctly and accurately, while providing personalized service. To learn more about Pangeanic, click on the link below. We hope this article has given you some information about our services.

One of the biggest risks of using an unprofessional Korean translation company is a subpar product. Poor translations can affect the brand image of your company. The internet is full of examples of translation disasters and bad machine translation. But with Pangeanic, you can rest assured that your documents will be translated by top Korean translators. The company also offers competitive rates and fast service. No one can afford to wait for bad translations to delay their marketing efforts in Korea.

LTI Korea

The 18th LTI Korea Award was given to eight translators. Bae Young-jae was honoured for his translation of “The Tale of Yongchol” into English. Jinan Zhang received the prize for translating “Different Memories” into Chinese. Chloe Gautier won for translating “Dear Life” into French, Martin Mrzyglod won for his translation of “Tokyo, Tokyo.” And To Thi Thanh Thuong won for his

Vietnamese translation.

Despite the fact that there are many Korean translation agencies, some of them are better than others. Some specialize in certain areas, such as medical translation. The top-notch ones charge a premium for particular projects. If your document is related to the healthcare industry, for example, you’ll want to hire a company that has experience translating medical documents and other materials related to the healthcare industry. These agencies also specialize in translating legal documents.


Aside from the many benefits of ALTA, one of the best-known Korean translation agencies in the country offers transcription services as well. They use an advanced technological platform and pair you with a Korean translator who has experience in your specific field. Because most Korean speakers are native to either North or South Korea, the agency is able to match you with a translation expert in either country. Because Korean dialects are mutually intelligible, you don’t have to worry about localizing for multiple markets.

ALTA offers a mentorship program for emerging translators, which involves establishing a close relationship between an experienced translator and a trainee. This mentorship program lasts approximately nine months. However, the emerging translator must choose a project within this period of time to participate. Once chosen, the mentor will advise the translator about the specific project they will be working on. Once a project has been accepted, ALTA will then pay for the trainee’s training.

JR Language Translation

JR Language Translation is a Korean translation service provider specializing in the localization of marketing materials and legal documents. The company offers translation services in over 100 languages and provides both native and certified translations. Besides translation, they also offer conference interpretation and phone interpretation. Whether you are looking for a professional translation or a localized version of a document, JR Language Translation will be able to deliver your work on time.

JR Language is a global provider of Korean translation services. The team is comprised of native and advanced-level Korean speakers. Although their efficiency is high, there are a few drawbacks. In particular, JR Language works with freelance linguists and does not offer sameday turnaround. Moreover, they offer translation services for a limited range of documents, and only work in a small set of fields such as fintech, engineering, and technology. The company also offers short-term and standard-rate translations, and their rates are affordable for businesses.