A loan is the amount of money which an individual requires for various purposes from banks and financial institutions. When banks and financial institutions make a loan to an individual, they charge a certain amount of interest. A home loan is important for an individual to fulfil various needs like making a home, expanding a business, educating a child, purchasing a vehicle or even for short-term needs. There are various types of loans which are provided by banks to support the financial crisis of an individual. Loans provide a positive relationship for an individual which helps him to fulfil his financial needs. This article provides a general overview of why an individual needs a loan.

The Significance of a Loan

Money lending is an important process in the modern economy. Banks and financial institutions are the main intermediaries for availing the facility of money lending. The rationale behind this is that banks act as a bridge between those who have surplus money and those who are in need of credit to fulfil their needs. In this way, cash circulates in the country. So, through the process of money circulation in the economy, it helps in fulfilling the demand for finance of the individual. An individual uses this money for a variety of purposes, which leads to the development and standard of living of an individual. For more information visit good at money lending in toa Payoh.

Why do individuals need a loan?

Individuals need a loan for various purposes. Loan helps in fulfilling the needs of an individual like expansion of business, helping in quality of education to children, to live in a home which they always dreamt of, to take a vehicle, and for meeting various financial needs. It is a hard truth that people feel hesitant about asking for money from their family and friends. So people prefer to take loans from banks and financial institutions. Banks and financial institutions grant loans at a low rate of interest and give high borrowing power to an individual. A personal loan helps an individual to improve their credit score. As we all know, life is unpredictable and sometimes it puts an individual in an unexpected financial crisis. In this situation, a loan helps an individual to tackle these financial emergencies.


A loan is granted to the lender to the borrower with reference to various purposes in lieu of interest. An individual required a loan for various purposes, like managing medical emergencies, starting a new business, expansion of an existing business, managing medical emergencies, etc.